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Tioga Pass The Process:

The original prints offered here are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper using the Durst Lambda Digital Photo Imager. The Lambda is a continuous tone photographic imaging device (meaning there are no dots or line screens), outputting on traditional photographic materials utilizing individual red, green and blue laser light to expose the media. Image color and quality is unsurpassed. The Durst Lambda Printer is the original laser technology which has been imitated by such devices as the Lightjet.

The original 6x7cm or 35mm transparency is first scanned at high resolution using the Aztek Digital Photolab 8000 drum scanner, and sized appropriately for reproduction. With unique and patented film digital sampling technology, all scans maintain full accuracy to the original transparency. Exposing Fuji Crystal Archive paper to the red, green and blue light of the Durst Photo Imager lasers prints the image. The exposed paper is processed using RA-4 chemistry, yielding the highest quality photographic print available. Because these prints are imaged using precision light onto photographic paper, color fidelity with the original transparency is maintained from print to print and from size to size. Colors remain clean and saturated, like a projected slide, because digital enlarging uses the same numbers to control scanning lasers that expose photographic emulsion grain by grain, regardless of print size, instead of all at once, as in optical enlarging where prints get dull and flat with increase size.

Indian Paintbrush Archival Quality:

Each one of the prints offered is individually printed on glossy Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. This exceptional medium offers the ultimate fidelity in color, sharpness and tonal range currently available on any photographic paper. Independent tests suggest that Fuji Crystal Archive prints in normal display conditions will last 60 to 71 years before noticeable fade, which is more than four times longer than the 16 to 20 years of Kodak's present papers.

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Pricing and Sizes:

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Print Size Unframed Print Price Mounted and Laminated Framed and Matted
11" x 14" $125.00 $165.00 $255.00
16" x 20" $185.00 $245.00 $385.00
20" x 24" $225.00 $320.00 $475.00
24" x 30" $300.00 $425.00 $640.00
30" x 40" $430.00 $660.00 $990.00

Mounted and laminated prints are permanently mounted on 1/2-inch black foamcore backing, and sealed using an environmental plastic lamination barrier layer. Framed and mounted prints will have a 3- to 4-inch white matte (depending on picture size), dark wood frame and glass facing.

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