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Mark Borneman Not a native Californian but nearly so, Mark and his family moved from Ohio to the Golden State in the early 50s and stayed. The family loved to travel and vacation around the American west, and did so until Mark moved away from home. It was during this time that he developed a love for the beauty of the Western landscape. Occasionally, copies of Arizona Highways and National Geographic would make their way into the home. It was these publications, most of all, and the photographs therein that were most significant in laying the seed of a future passion. The ability of those early photos to convey the spirit and power of the outdoors left an indelible impression on young Mark.

But life, as you know, is rarely lived in straight lines. After many years of pursuits in other areas, illustration and engineering among them, it was not until a decade ago that Mark's interest in capturing the beauty of the natural landscape on film underwent a metamorphosis from pastime to passion. During the last ten years, the time available to photograph had been a patchwork of sojourns shoehorned into a concurrent mechanical engineering career. Engineering, as they say, put food on the table, but was no longer a labor of love.

California Poppies Mark felt that, up to this point, the images that he had created meant nothing if they could not be shared. His philosophy, his reason for freezing those visions on film in the first place was to share the exhilaration of that fleeting moment before him with other eyes, other minds. As Mark states: "The whole purpose and spirit of articulating these images is to transport others to that very spot where the picture was taken and have them experience the warmth, the cold, and witness the rolling clouds and dancing sunlight of that which was before me and the camara. To thrill in the infinite diversity and power of the natural world and to share that sense of awe and wonder of those places seen."

Elevating this, his passion, to the next level has resulted in this Web site.

Please enjoy!

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